Nubian Night in Ghana, Aug 16


We will visit historical sites in Accra, Kumasi, Kenyasi, Cape Coast, Elmina, Rain Forest, Museums, Kente and Carving Villiages. As well as visit and Ribbon cut the Nubian Foundation Cultural Exchange Program’s grand opening. We will dine and enjoy Ghananian cusine, visit the local sites, sounds and absorb the feel of Africa’s richness and experience the slave dungeons used during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade where our ancestors were enslaved and taken to unknown horrors.

if you are interested in traveling with NUBIAN FOUNDATION SERVICES, INC. please contact La’Rae @ (646) 238-9817 or Detta @ (646) 610-0126 and we will answer all your questions and send you a full travel itinerary. We are looking forward to this Journey with you.

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