Wli fall

Wli fall is most popular tourism spot in Ghana , is known as the largest water fall in West Africa.

Wli fall is located close to boarder between Ghana and Togo , covering an area of 35 square Km.This area has 220 birds , 400butterfly species , fruit bats , monkey and number of antelopes.

More than 20,000 visitors travel to Wli fall in a year.

This water fall , which consists of 2 parts , the lower fall and the upper fall is astimated to be an 600m drop from the top and is one of the perennial falls in Ghana.

When you reach the Wli Agumatsa , visit to the tourism center at entrance to pay entrance fee and get some information about Wli.

Also the tour guide leads you to Wli fall together through introduction of this area  on the way to Wli fall.

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