Elegant! #TabzCollection – Proudly African


Customized bags, shoes, slippers and many more products with African prints….

Proudly made in Ghana by TabzCollection

Contact this number: 024 521 4395 for your order

TABZ COLLECTION is a fashion brand that is based in the designing and production of professional handmade products (handbags, shoes, purses, necklaces, bracelets, laptop bags, etc) with our proud African Print Fabrics. We hope to build up a loyal following by providing only the fineness, most select Premium materials all produce locally. Tabz Collection also offers training sections for clients, groups and individuals who are interested in learning a trade. We produce some of the best African print products customer will ever need. In view of that we also take our time to do makeovers on clients shoes, slippers and sandals be it new or old with the African print fabric to give then a new look. We always go to the extreme to satisfy our customer’s expectations when it comes to the designing and producing of our products, till then we don’t give up on what our clients wants or expects from us.

Our prices are in such a way that everyone can afford it – 10% off less than the amount other larger fashion industries charges but still makes profit. Our customer’s comes first.

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